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Artist Statement

I primarily focus on portraiture and large scale tableau photography.

Shooting on location and using natural light are extremely important aspects of my process. They are key elements to the final outcome of my artwork. 

Intentionally borrowing from cinematic conventions, I approach my work like a movie director. Each photograph encompasses my fascination with the way movies create stories that satisfy the human desire for narrative. The location I eventually settle upon greatly influences the subject of the mise en scène and the composition. Images are highly constructed and every meticulous detail in the composition is considered, from the type of light in the shot to the props and costumes. Focusing on aspects of life that are familiar and yet completely foreign, the mood is bleak, gloomy and yet beautiful through the use of low dramatic lighting coupled with cinematic-like camera angles. Printed in large scale, the images range from the surreal and sublime to the dark and ominous.


Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2014

University of Victoria, BC

  • Visual Arts, Major


Group Exhibitions

Pancakes & Booze, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC, 2019 - Fall

Independent Artists Market, Waldorf Hotel, Vancouver, BC, 2019

Pancakes & Booze, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC, 2018 - Fall

Hot Sauce VI, The Basement, Vancouver, BC, 2018

FADE: a collective exhibition, East Village Barbers, Vancouver, BC, 2018

Pancakes & Booze, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC, 2018 - Spring

Silver Linings: A Collective Exhibition of Imaginings, Vancouver, BC, 2017

Pancakes & Booze, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC, 2017 - Spring

The Drift, Renegade Productions, Vancouver, BC, 2016

Pancakes & Booze, Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver, BC, 2016 - Fall

Dreams, Sweet Pup Studios, Vancouver, BC, 2016

Split BFA Grad Show, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, 2014



PhotoEd Magazine, Fall 2015

Canadian Art Magazine, Winter 2015

Online Publication

Visceral Mundane,, August 6, 2015​



WiseWomans Cookery – Photographic Images, 2014

University of Victoria – Photographic image on postcard, 2014

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